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As most of you know this Saturday is Irish Race Day at Morphetvile raceway in Adelaide!

Im looking forward to seeing all the different styles of dresses but most importantly …

WHAT TO WEAR!?  …  Hat?… Fascinator?




Secret closet will be introducing both just in time for Melbourne cup in November. Some of our fascinators will be hand made and a stand out from the rest.

The sun is shining today so hopefully it will stay out long enough for the fashion parade, my favorite part of the day!


alter dress front redo        Megan_Gale         jun-puzzled_primrose_strapless_dress

hussle dress 2   wish waterdrop   mirandamain




Love the team at Secret Closet x





A powerful photo … yet its all around us.

See no evil, hear no evil speak no evil. 

Ahhhhh don’t we all wish we could look like these beauties! I wonder what their Secret is.



Beyonce  alba-jessica-alba-31424900-500-625


Lets all take a moment to appreciate Women today, as we should everyday! We should be empowering and supporting one another instead of shooting each other down. What good comes from your day in making someones life miserable. I thought “bullying” was only what children do, but as i have gotten older i realize it’s adults that seem to do more of the “bullying” showing children that it is “OK” to be negative toward others.


tumblr_mlwwn4YyYW1r5h7bho1_500 Kate-Hudson_2


Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

Judy Garland

Dr Martyn Wild
Love the team at Secret Closet 


The day we look forward to is finally here!! We have had a very busy week here at Secret Closet, so we can now take a breath and say TGIF!!


FRIDAY!! Come at us!!


The weekend is fast approaching as we look down at our clocks …. come on 5pm!! What are you doing this weekend?

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 Don’t forget Secret Closet is always open.


Love the team at Secret Closet 





We are starting to smell that Spring air!!

The sun on our shoulder’s and the warmer breeze in our hair, this Adelaide weather has been very unpredictable, storm here and there then sunny the next.

We are excited to have our new INCYDA range appear teasing us with its flowy dresses and bright colors, reminding us that Spring is just around the corner!



black koko dress  Incyda26021470019   black leather

incyda top


INCYDA will be available THIS WEEK at Secret Closet……….Stay Tuned 

Too HOT Tuesday


Let us all take a few minutes as we stare at our screens and imagine what our lives would be like with these hunks as our arm candy! 


brad pitt


channing tatum            james franco

love quote

leonardo          paul walker

These men are not available at Secret Closet … but will always be here for you’re viewing pleasure


Love the Secret Closet Team xx


I don’t know if anyone saw the photo of Australian model Robyn Lawley released earlier last week, being labelled a “plus size” model but i was quite disgusted, and i’m sure i wasn’t the only one.

This model is not only a stunner but showing curves in all the right places, to me that’s what a woman should have… CURVES 




Who says you should be a size “whatever” to be beautiful. Comments and harsh criticism like this can really break down any girls spirit giving her low self esteem and less confidence.


image               marilyn-monroe-body_2

608d23c669d85dfc03968146735184a9                         THE OTHER WOMAN


Many celebrities being in the public eye get called “too fat or too skinny” to often, giving the image and impression to young girls that you have to look a certain way to look beautiful . Marylin Monroe was a curvy woman and was rated one of the most beautiful people and still to this day is! So why has this changed in society?

plus-size-model-01 898835-victoria-secrets-models

What do we consider beautiful!