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Firstly, I have to admit, im very new to the blogging world. I have never claimed to know everything about fashion. I believe fashion is about evolving and become a different individual … i mean you’re fashion sense has changed since you were a teen, right? Mine definitely has and i don’t think i was the only one wearing the snap pants or the skirt and leggings set!

Style for everyone is different, everyone has their own opinion on what they think is beautiful. I do hope to achieve a range of different girls styles in personally selecting each and every item that you see here on Secret Closet.

I wanted a online boutique that can cater to either a women on a budget, or for the other girl that wants to turn heads in a beautiful designer piece.

Our online store does range in price, and when i first started to do research on designers i found myself stuck, not knowing “the top labels” as for myself i would just purchase what i thought looked nice and suited my body type. After doing some research i have selected a few close brands that i know ladies love, what fits them, whats chic and stylish, and whats in.

So all i can go from is how i feel about fashion, what i think is beautiful and hopefully have some interesting articles for you girls.



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