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The day we look forward to is finally here!! We have had a very busy week here at Secret Closet, so we can now take a breath and say TGIF!!


FRIDAY!! Come at us!!


The weekend is fast approaching as we look down at our clocks …. come on 5pm!! What are you doing this weekend?

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 Don’t forget Secret Closet is always open.


Love the team at Secret Closet 





We are starting to smell that Spring air!!

The sun on our shoulder’s and the warmer breeze in our hair, this Adelaide weather has been very unpredictable, storm here and there then sunny the next.

We are excited to have our new INCYDA range appear teasing us with its flowy dresses and bright colors, reminding us that Spring is just around the corner!



black koko dress  Incyda26021470019   black leather

incyda top


INCYDA will be available THIS WEEK at Secret Closet……….Stay Tuned 

My View





Firstly, I have to admit, im very new to the blogging world. I have never claimed to know everything about fashion. I believe fashion is about evolving and become a different individual … i mean you’re fashion sense has changed since you were a teen, right? Mine definitely has and i don’t think i was the only one wearing the snap pants or the skirt and leggings set!

Style for everyone is different, everyone has their own opinion on what they think is beautiful. I do hope to achieve a range of different girls styles in personally selecting each and every item that you see here on Secret Closet.

I wanted a online boutique that can cater to either a women on a budget, or for the other girl that wants to turn heads in a beautiful designer piece.

Our online store does range in price, and when i first started to do research on designers i found myself stuck, not knowing “the top labels” as for myself i would just purchase what i thought looked nice and suited my body type. After doing some research i have selected a few close brands that i know ladies love, what fits them, whats chic and stylish, and whats in.

So all i can go from is how i feel about fashion, what i think is beautiful and hopefully have some interesting articles for you girls.



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We are excited to be launching our website. Not only will we be talking about fashion, we will have weekly updates on the latest hot topics, social events, recipes the topics are endless.

Tartan is Back! Perfect for the cold months coming up, this look can be dressed down with jeans, or take it up a notch with

 Otto Modes Soundwave Pants $89. High Tea Jacket $119

10314569_1424396077823594_5993007523551548637_n 10415599_1431878190408716_6354230674852698848_n


plaid  jacketPlaid


Turn Heads in Otto Modes Sheena Dress $109




DONT FORGET to check out our Knits and cosy up with our Otto Mode Collection

OTTO MODE Scaling Heights Top  $79.00

PINKSTITCH Mickey Vest $85.00

OTTO MODE Winter Wind Cardigan $115.00




NOTE …CHANNING TATUM DOES NOT COME WITH PURCHASE! This picture was made larger for your viewing pleasure



 Love The Secret Closet Team x